Troubleshooting Automated Jobs

When all your automated jobs show “Last Performed” as “Never”, your cron job might not be running. There are several common causes for this.

Case #1

Usually, the cause is forgetting to set up a cron job in the first place.We detail how to setup your new cron job in our help documents.

Case #2

Another problem might be with the server’s configuration. Hosting providers sometimes limit what commands Cron can run. For example, Inmotionhosting does not allow you to run wget at all. They do allow lynx or curl instead.

However the majority of hosting providers allow you to run wget. To make sure your hosting provider is OK with wget, Google search for: your hosting provider + cron“.  This should help you find if they forbid or allow wget via cron.  In case they don’t allow wget, adjust your crontab command as they recommend it.

Case #3

And lastly, it may be a permissions thing. See that your /cron.php file from your PHP Melody installation has the 755 permissions (i.e. is executable).

Each hosting company does things their own way. If none of these tips helped, contact your hosting provider and ask them to set up this cron job for you.