Featured Categories on Homepage

Starting with PHP Melody v2.5 you can show videos from selected categories on your homepage. We call those “featured categories”. To show a featured category on your homepage simply browse to your PHP Melody back-end and follow the instructions as illustrated below.

Clicking on the home icon will mark any category as “featured”.

How to Create a Cron Job

The “Automated Jobs” feature from PHP Melody requires a cron job to run a PHP script on a regular basis.
Most of the times this can be easily be accomplished with the help of crontab (linux).

To setup your new cron job, you need to know the URL/command which cron will run. Retrieve this information log into your PHP Melody’s back-end and browse to the Automated Jobs > Setup page.

Once you retrieved your URL/command (should include a secret key), proceed with setting up your cron job as follows.

Method 1: Setup cron via cPanel, Plesk or your webhost panel

If you’re running PHP Melody on a shared hosting account or VPS, your webhost has already provided you with some sort of management area such as cPanel or Plesk.

Since adding a new cron job is already very well documented for both cPanel and Plesk we recommend using their instructions:

We also have a quick video on the entire cPanel procedure:

Method 2: Creating a new cron job using the command line (linux)

If you own the server or have access to the command line, edit your crontab by running:

# crontab -e

In a new line, add your cron job by pasting in the following line:

*/5 * * * * wget -q "https://www.PHPMELODY-URL.com/cron.php?cron-key=SECRET_KEY"

This example uses a dummy URL. To get your URL (with the secret key), visit your PHP Melody back-end and browse to the Automated Jobs > Setup page.